Uniform Policy

To promote a sense of community and school pride, students are expected to dress in uniform daily. This includes half-days, field trip days, and other days with special events. The Kramer school uniform consists of:

  • Plain solid white polo shirt (must be tucked in at all times)
  • Plain solid navy blue or black trousers/slacks (with a belt and fitted at the waist)
  • Plain solid navy blue or black skirts (must go at least to the knee)
  • Plain solid navy blue or black cardigan sweater with no logos.

Additional Uniform Guidelines

Students are expected to wear closed-toed shoes at all times for safety on stairs and play equipment. The following is a list of other uniform guidelines:

  • Plain black, blue or white headscarf may be worn for religious or medical (need a doctor's note) purposes only
  • No oversize or form-fitting clothing
  • No sagging pants
  • No visible undergarments
  • No hats, scarfs, bandanas or bonnets can be worn inside of the school building
  • Outerwear (coats and jackets) must be placed in the locker before 1st period