Cell Phone Policy

Communication technology, specifically cellular telephones, has become an integral part of the daily lives of students, parents and teachers alike. The Kramer Middle School cell phone policy is designed to protect the educational program of all students but not to limit home and school communications. Cellular phones and other communication technology are not allowed in the school building. In most cases, a student may be given permission to use an administrative office telephone to contact a parent or guardian. In the case of an emergency, a student may be called out of class to receive a telephone call from parents or guardians.

Cell Phone Collection Process

All cellular phones are to be turned off prior to entering the school building. As students enter the building, cellular phones and other electronic devices will be collected by the administrative staff and locked in a secure location. Students will only be able to retrieve their phones at the end of the school day or early dismissal.

Students bringing cellular phones or other electronic devices to school do so at their own risk. Kramer Middle School and its staff will not
assume any liability for any lost, stolen, or damaged cellular phones and other electronic devices either in school or in their possession.